Hrithik – Zayed bond beyond crisis

Though Hrithik Roshan’s marriage with is in trouble, his in-laws are constantly connected with Hrithik, specially his brother-in-law Zayed Khan.

On Hrithik’s birthday on Friday, Zayed spent the entire evening with Hrithik.

Says a very reliable source, “Zayed represented the Khan parivar at Hrithik’s birthday. Though his sister Sussanne has taken a break from the marriage, her family remains very close to Hrithik. In fact Zayed is today closer to his brother-in-law than ever before. The two guys have been connecting constantly.”

On Hrithik’s birthday the Khan family took a collective call to send Zayed to represent the entire family.

Says the source, “Everyone in Zayed’s family is hoping to see Sussanne get together with Hrithik. To her credit, Sussanne didn’t once stop Zayed from visiting Hrithik for his birthday.”

While Zayed remains discreetly distanced from his sister’s marital discord, he has made it clear that his relationship with Hrithik is intact and inviolable.

“As far as Zayed is concerned, Hrithik is and will remain his brother-in-law,” says the source.

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