Kamasutra 3D director and Sherlyn at loggerheads

Just recently, we reported that Sherlyn Chopra had apparently walked out of her debut film Kamasutra 3D. Sherlyn went on record stating that she shot for just 5 days for the film after which she opted out owing to the changes in the script of the film. Apart from this, Sherlyn has been pretty vocal on twitter too saying that she shot for the film to help director Rupesh Paul find producers for it.

In response to the strong statements made by the actress, director Rupesh Paul went on record to clarify his stand saying, “We’ll it’s actually a news for me to know that Sherlyn has quit the movie. As a director, I have shot all the scenes with her for my movie except for few promotional ones. Then I fail to understand when did she quit? After being a major part of us in Cannes, American Film Market, IFFI- Goa and more, even till the end month of the last year, when did she actually quit?”

As for a verbal response to Sherlyn’s twitter outburst, Paul adds, “From her tweets, what I guess is, she is highly pi***d off with her badly made, poorly sung and worsely acted single – ‘Bad Girl’. I would be more than happy if she is getting some publicity for her single though this controversy.”

“She should not forget that it is Rupesh Paul and Kamasutra 3D who has brought her to the light of cinema from the stinking darkness of porn and filth, presenting her to the world and to her ‘fans’ as an actress from a stripper. But then, how can I change someone’s ‘DNA’?” adds Paul when responding to Sherlyn’s allegations that it was she who helped him find producers for the film.

Concluding his enraged venting, Paul signed off saying, “All I want to say her is, ‘Dear Sherlyn, you can hire a p**p for your business, but spare your father’ (Sherlyn used to call me ‘Appa’, which means father in all South Indian languages. She is also a half South Indian as you already know)”.

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