Salmans Jai Ho gets UA certificate with cuts

There is bad news for Salman Khan’s young fans. Kids who form a sizeable slice of his mammoth fan-following need to be accompanied by adults to be able to see their favourite superstar’s latest film Jai Ho.

The film has been passed by the Censor Board Of Film Certification with a ‘UA’ certificate, and a number of cuts.

Says a source, “Actually, this is quite an unusual situation for a Salman starrer. His films are usually passed with a ‘U’ certificate with minimum or no cuts. But Jai Ho is a political thriller about a common man (Salman)’s successful attempt to foil an assassination bid against a chief minister. There are many very hard-hitting dialogues against corruption in present day Indian politics. This is Salman’s first film with a strong political statement.”

Apparently, the censor board asked for some of Salman’s tirade against corrupt netas and their dubious neta-giri to be toned down or beeped out.

Says the source, “There were no abusive dialogues. Salman doesn’t abuse on screen. But there are several references to current politics that could have made real-life politicians uncomfortable. These have gone. Also, some seconds from a few action scenes that were found to be lengthy.”

With the cuts and the ‘UA’ certificate Jai Ho becomes Salman’s first censor-restricted film.

Under-age fans would just have to cheer and whistle in grown-up company this time.

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