Yes Vidya has opted out of Durga Rani Singh – Sujoy Ghosh

It looks like Kangna Ranaut’s season has begun in right earnest. After conquering new peaks with her performance in Queen, Kangna has been approached by filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh to replace Vidya Balan.

Heartbroken over Vidya Balan’s exit from his next project Durga Rani Singh Sujoy asked the next best choice for heroine-oriented cinema. However Kangna Ranaut seems to have a bit of an issue over dates.

Speaking for the very first time on the issue Sujoy says, “Yes, Vidya is taking a break. I’ve spoken to Kangna. If she agrees then that’s fine.”

However Sujoy says Kangna’s dates are yet to be worked out. “Kangna likes the script. But the dates and other formalities are yet to be worked out.”

As for Vidya’s reason for opting out Sujoy says, “She said she needed a break. She hasn’t told me she’s pregnant. I don’t think she is.”

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