Silver flag dispute:Dwarka police arrest four Brahmins following Mandir’s complaint

Dwarka, 2 April 2014

Traditionally, Aboti Brahmins enjoy right to take away the religious flags offered to Dwarkadhish Mandir by devotees, but in latest incident four Aboti Brahmins are arrested for leaving the temple premises with a silver flag.

Talaja taluka’s Nava Sangla village based Ambika Ashram’s mahant Ramjubapu offered 11 kg silver flag worth Rs. 6 lakh to Dwarka mandir on 25 March.

As per the tradition, Aboti Brahmins involved in this ceremony took away the flag to their home. However Dwarkadhish Devasthan Samiti’s incharge and deputy administrator Kamlesh Shah was of opinion that Brahmins have no right to take away silver flag to their home. Even after insisted by temple authority to give the silver flag back, Brahmins were adamant and in no mood to comply.

Finally Mr. Shah filed police complaint in this regard in Dwarka police station against nine persons including four Brahmins and five unidentified gents.

Police Inspector VD Rathod arrested four Aboti Brahmins: Prasiddh Gordhan Trivedi, Mahendra Tulsidas Trivedi, Dilip Balkrishna Trivedi and Hardik Kanji Trivedi and recovered silver flag.

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