Narendra Modi’s Etv interview and NewsX conversation(Videos)

Ahmedabad, 2 April 2014

The entire interview of Narendra Modi on E-tv network was focused on Modi’s blueprint for India after winning the general elections. For those who keep listening to Modi’s speeches, there’s almost nothing new in this conversation, barring a few minutes of the last portion in which Modi speaks about reality of his life-style as RSS pracharak Chief Minister contrary to perceptions in media. Over one hour interview is neither sensational, nor newsy. The comments of E-tv network head Jagdish Chandra at the end of the interview are worth avoiding.

It has to be noted that this was Narendra Modi’s first and so far the only pre-election interview in this season. Modi had called Etv team to his residence in Gandhinagar for this interview session last week. E-tv telecast this interview to all its network channels last Monday at prime-time.

Now given below are video tapes of NewsX English news channel. Delhi based Madhu Kishwar who runs Manushi NGO always try to capture video of interviews she takes. When Madhu met Gujarat Chief Minister and interviewed him about his journey as Chief Minister so far she captured the interview in video. She has shared that footage with NewsX English news channel and India News Hindi news channel. Both channels are owned by same organization. Couple of videos we found from this series are presented below. Modi speaks about his journey as Chief Minister of Gujarat. Most of the part covers his early days of administration as Gujarat CM.

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