Linear Point

She traces the journeys of a straight line and experiments with sheets of white paper layered on one another. And it’s these journeys that her lines have made, that have bagged Chetnaa Verma the Emerging Artist of the Year Award 2014 given by Glenfiddich and

“I travel a lot and I always notice the lines on streets — wires, poles, etc. My core practice focuses on the series of geometrics and the lines guided by the urban metroscape,” says the Noida-based artist.
Besides the lines, it’s the ‘point’ — the most basic of all shapes — that has her enamoured. In her pen and waterproof ink drawings, gold foil has nudged its way in. Verma believes it’s the untainted nature of gold that makes it important. “It has a pious feel to it, and is the purest of all metals. I have also started using laser light in my installations — my work is sharp, crisp and perfect, and those are the same qualities that a laser light shares,” she says.

For the third edition of the award, over 2,500 works by 655 artists were included, and five finalists then showcased their work at Gallery Nature Morte, The Oberoi, Gurgaon, in a show titled “Five for the Future.”
Besides winning a cash prize of Rs 1 lakh, Verma now heads to The Glenfiddich Distillery in Dufftown, Scotland, where she joins nine other artists in an international three-month long art residency programme. The point sure goes a long way.

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