BJP candidate takes election campaign to Left bastion — JNU

BJP’s South Delhi candidate Ramesh Bidhuri on Monday campaigned in Jawarharlal Nehru University (JNU), traditionally a bastion of Left wing groups.

Amidst shouts of “naxalvaad mitana hai Modiji ko lana hai” a few dozen BJP and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) members took Bidhuri around the various hostels and staff quarters.

During the rally, Bidhuri attacked the Congress for not having taken any steps to alleviate poverty in the 60 years of its rule.

He also spoke about cross-border terrorism and the lack of adequate government response to border intrusions.

However, the rally received only a lukewarm response.

While the university has rarely seen political campaigns during elections, ABVP members claimed that JNU has nearly 6,000 voters. The youth wing said it expected nearly 50 per cent of votes from JNU to go the BJP.

“Even those who don’t normally support the BJP have been saying they will vote for Modi,” Abhijit, a member of JNU ABVP, said.

However, most of JNU, seems untouched by the election fever, save ‘vote for Modi’ stickers which adorn the windows of hostels that house ABVP volunteers.

In fact, there are others in the ABVP who are not so confident of support for the BJP among voters in JNU. They feel that there is a leftist sentiment among a large chunk of the voters in the university.

“We haven’t bothered to go on a door-to-door campaign in the teachers’ quarters because no one there will vote for the BJP,” a volunteer said.

Meanwhile, students at the university said most of the JNU residents were not registered as voters in Delhi, and hence, were unlikely to cast their votes.

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